Proform Performance 1450 Treadmill Review

Product Review

Proform Performance 1450 Folding Treadmill

The Proform Performance 1450 treadmill has something completely different – a built-in web browser.

You can read your emails, surf the Internet and watch your favorite TV shows while you workout.

The 10″ full color touch screen also tracks your speed, time, distance, incline, pulse and calories burned.

Other highlights are the strong 3.25 HP motor, long 60″ belt and iFit LIVE built-in which lets you download new workouts to your treadmill and run trails all over the world with Googlemaps.


  • Price: $1499 ( + Free Shipping)
  • Motor: 3.25 HP Commercial HP
  • Speed: 0 -12 MPH
  • Incline:  0-15%
  • Treadbelt: 20 x 60″
  • iFit LIVE Built In
  • Folding: Yes
  • 350 lb Weight Capacity Deck
  • Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty,
  • 5 year parts & 2 year labor

Verdict: Recommended

The Proform Performance 1450 treadmill offers one of the coolest innovations you’ve ever seen on a treadmill – a 10″ built in web browser. That alone makes this treadmill an incredible buy.

But it’s not just about the new-fangled toys – there’s also a well-made treadmill behind it. You get a strong 3.25 motor, longer 60″ belt, and excellent warrany with 2 years on service.  Overall, one of of the best values in the Proform lineup.

Product Pros And Cons

Proform Performance 1450 Treadmill

1) 10″ Built In Web Browser

The Performance 1450 comes with a 10″ built-in web browser. This uses the wireless internet in your home to go online. You can read emails, watch your favorite TV shows, catch up on the business news or even login to Facebook. This alone will make your workouts a lot more enjoyable and productive.

2) iFit LIVE Built-In

Because of the web browser, you can get iFit LIVE already built in (you don’t need to buy the extra iFit LIVE module, which you do with lower end Proform models).  

With iFit LIVE built-in you can get workouts powered by Googlemaps that simulate trails all over the world.

You can also get workouts where Jillian Michaels coaches you through your workouts. You can also download new workouts to your treadmill. Basically, there’s so much to do, you’ll never get bored with this treadmill.

3) iPod Port With Speakers Built Into the Console

You can listen to your favorite workout mix by plugging your iPod or MP3 player into the console.  The music comes out of the console speakers (which on this treadmill use 3″ high-excursion drivers – giving you better sound clarity than many other treadmills with speaker systems)

4) 26 Built In Workouts

If you don’t want to use iFit Live you still get lots of workouts – 26 built in workouts with this treadmill. You can choose from 7 high intensity, 7 incline, 6 speed or 6 calorie-burn workouts to help you reach your goals.

5)  Lengthy Warranty with 2 Years On Service

The warranty on the Proform 1450 treadmill is one of the best in the industry. You get lifetime coverage on frame and motor and 5 years on parts. Of special note is the 2 years on service. This can end up saving you a lot of money should something go wrong with your treadmill.

6) One Touch Speed and Incline

This is a little touch that’s still really handy. Instead of scrolling through all your options when you want to change incline or speed levels, you just hit one button and the treadmill adjusts. This also helps as it doesn’t throw off your stride if you’re running or walking fast.


  • 10" Built In Web Browser
  • iFit LIVE Built-In
  • iPod Port With Speakers Built Into the Console
  • 26 Built In Workouts
  • Lengthy Warranty with 2 Years On Service
  • One Touch Speed and Incline


  • No Prominent Weaknesses
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