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LiveStrong Treadmill

Livestrong Treadmills are newer to the market. They’re one of the more exciting brands to come along in a while with a focus on building strong, well-constructed treadmills that are easy on the budget while fulfilling all your exercise needs.

Livestrong is super-athlete Lance Armstrong’s endorsed brand. Part of the proceeds from the sale of these treadmills go to the Livestrong Foundation which helps to fight cancer.

Livestrong is manufactured by Johnson – one of the largest fitness equipment companies in the world. They also own high end brands like Matrix and Vision.

Recommended or Not: Highly Recommended

Livestrong treadmills offer you attractive looking design and solid, strong construction.

They have everything that the other top brands carry like strong motors, longer decks, iPod docks, wireless heart rate monitors, tracking journals and more – all for excellent prices. Personally we think these treadmills are slightly underpriced for what you get.

However the downside is that while Johnson is a great manufacturer, they’re not as good (as other brands) at marketing. So these treadmills don’t sell as well as other brands. This is a shame since the machines themselves are quite good.

Brand Pros And Cons

LiveStrong Treadmill

1) Strong Motors – Motors on these units range from 2.5 HP up to 3.0 HP, which is very good. Plus they’re covered by a lifetime warranty.

Considering that the belts are fairly large on these units, it’s nice to have a strong motor power to back it up.

2) Livetrack Fitness Journal – All Livestrong models come with a Livetrack fitness journal which helps you automatically track your results in several different ways.

You can see your average accumulated data for the last 30 workouts. You can set a weekly goal and the journal tracks it for you, showing how long you have left to go .

Livestrong Treadmill Reviews

3) Free Shipping With Inside Delivery – Many online manufacturers will give you Free Shipping (which is great and saves you about $150+.) However if you want the treadmill actually delivered inside your home, you have to pay extra.

If you buy direct from the Manufacturer you can get Free shipping AND inside delivery on all their treadmills, which can save you a lot of time and frustration.

4) Interactive Workout Programs – The new models come with Livestrong interactive technology. You get a USB device included with the treadmill and can go online to download new workouts that are designed by Lance Armstrong’s personal strength and conditioning coach to aid you in exercises.

5) Sleek Attractive Consoles – The consoles on these treadmills are clean, sleek-looking and easy-to use.

The higher end models have a bright, easy-to read backlit LED screen to view your workout stats. They also include hand grip heart rate monitors so you can monitor your heart rate and 2 cupholders (great for a remote or a bottle of water).

6) iPod Docks With Speakers – All Livestrong units come with iPod dock and console speakers.

So you can plug in your iPod or MP3 player and listen to your favorite workout music. If you don’t want to listen through the console speakers, there’s also an earphone jack for your headphones (in case you want to keep your workout quiet).

7) Speed & Incline Controls on the Side Handrails – The higher end models have incline and speed controls on the side handrails in addition to the front console.

This can be useful as you can change your incline or speed without reaching up to the console – which can throw off your stride.

8) Strong Warranty – Livestrong treadmills are covered by a strong warranty. You get lifetime coverage on the frame and motor, 2 – 5 years on parts and 1-2 years on service. This helps protect your investment over the long run and is on par with some of the best warranties currently on the market.


  • Strong Motors
  • Livetrack Fitness Journal
  • Free Shipping With Inside Delivery
  • Interactive Workout Programs
  • Sleek Attractive Consoles
  • iPod Docks With Speakers
  • Speed & Incline Controls on the Side Handrails
  • Strong Warranty


  • Newer Brand to the Market and Really Hasn't had Time to Gain Momentum
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