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Epic Treadmills Review

Epic treadmills are not as well known as other brands – even though they have a big name behind them. 

Epic is a subsidiary of ICON Health and Fitness, one of the largest producers of treadmills in the world.  ICON also manufactures brands like Image, Weslo, Nordic Track, Proform and Reebok.

Epic has actually been around for a while, but the brand seemed to be languishing for the last couple of years.

Verdict: Recommended   

Epic home treadmills are affordable with strong motor powers, some great bells and whistles and decent reviews.  

However, at this price point, you have many options – many of which offer you more in terms of warranty, cushioning and treadmill extras (for example, Nordic Track or a Smooth.)

brand Pros And Cons

Epic Treadmills

1)  Affordable – Most Epic models are under $1500, depending on where you buy them.  This makes Epic a viable option for exercisers on a budget.

2)  Great Bells and Whistles – Like many of the other ICON brands like Nordic Track and Proform – Epic home treadmills come with some neat bells and whistles. 

You can find built-in TVs, music ports for your mp3 player, goal specific workouts and other fitness tracking tools.

3) Decent motors and motor warranties – Many of the motors on these treadmills are 2.5 – 3.0 HP, which is decent for this price range.

Epic Treadmill Reviews

And most are covered by a fairly decent (i.e. 12 year) motor warranty. Not the best in the industry, but not the worst either.

4) Best Buy Rating – The Epic View 550 was given a ‘Best Buy’ rating by a leading consumer magazine for 2008.


  • Affordable
  • Great Bells and Whistles
  • Decent motors and motor warranties
  • Best Buy Rating


  • Safety Issues With the Design
  • Go For Well Known brands For This Price Range That Offer More Features
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