Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber review 2020

Product Review

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber

The Bowflex TC10 Treadclimber is the most affordable motorized Treadclimber – and a brand new model for this year.

It gives you a sleek, new look with all of the benefits of a Tread climber like high calorie burning, fast toning results, compact design and an low impact workout.

The TC10 steps up from the TC5 model by adding a motorized design, rear step-up platform, more console windows to track your stats, the goal-oriented coaching feature and a longer 2 year machine warranty.


  • Price: $2199
  • Speed: 0 – 4.0 MPH
  • Electronic Functions: 4 – Speed, Distance, Time, Calories
  • Heart Rate Monitor: No
  • Motorized
  • Quick Start
  • User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Includes Bowflex Body Weight Loss Plan
  • 100% Bowflex Satisfaction Guarantee
  • LCD Display Screen with 4 Windows
  • Warranty: 2 Year Coverage for Entire Machine

Verdict: Recommended

If you’re looking to burn twice the calories as a regular workout and see results fast, you’re probably considering a Treadclimber machine. The Bowflex TC10 Treadclimber is the most popular motorized model (and the most affordable) with constant workout stats displayed, a goal-target feature, rear step-up platform and weight loss plan included.

While it doesn’t have some of the extras that the luxury model (the TC20) carries, if you want the most affordable, motorized Treadclimber, the TC10 is it.

Product Pros And Cons

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber

1) Fast Results – The TC10 machine is really a type of incline trainer – and incline walking can burn exponentially more calories than flat-plane walking.

In fact you can burn twice the calories in a single workout as compared to walking on a 0% incline treadmill. This means you get faster results in less time.

So if you need to tone up and slim down fast, the TC10 is one of the best ways to do it.

2) Motorized Design – The TC10 steps up from the TC5 model by adding a motorized design (it’s like the difference between and motorized and manual treadmill). Most users prefer a motorized design because they feel it gives them better results in less time.

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber Review

3) LCD Console with 4 Display Windows – The TC10 steps up to a 4-window design, simultaneously showing you your workout stats like speed, distance, time and calories.

4) Rear Machine Step Platform – One of the complaints with the older machines was that they could be hard to actually get on. Bowflex has added a rear machine step platform at the back of the TC10 to remedy this problem and make it more comfortable for you to start your workout.

5) Goal-Oriented Feature for 1 User – The TC10 comes with a goal-oriendted G.O. Coach™ Console. This shows the weekly progress of one user towards 90 minute goal. (the target goal resets weekly). This is a great way to push yourself to reach your weight loss results goals.

6) Bowflex Weight Loss Plan – Since these machines were primarily designed to be the fastest weight loss machines on the market, it makes sense that the Bowflex TC10 comes with a weight loss plan to help you burn maximum calories and lose weight.

You get a Daily Journal to track your food and water intake, completed exercise and record achievements.  You also get a book with Over 70 Recipes and Calorie counters for specific foods.

7) Sleek, Clean Design – The TC 10 offers a new, sleeker, sexier look than older models. Plus, there are easy transport wheels so you can move it out of the way when you’re done working out.


  • Fast Results
  • Motorized Design
  • LCD Console with 4 Display Windows
  • Rear Machine Step Platform
  • Goal-Oriented Feature for 1 User
  • Bowflex Weight Loss Plan
  • Sleek, Clean Design


  • Does not Offer Heart Rate Monitor
  • Does not Have built-in workouts
  • Does not Carry Extra-Long Treadles
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