Best Bowflex Treadmills And Tread Climbers Buying Guide 2020

Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill

Bowflex Treadclimber TC1000

Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber

Bowflex Treadclimber TC3000

ThumbnailNameTypeProduct RatingPrice
Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill Review 2020Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill​Treadmill4.3/5Check Price
Bowflex TC3000 Treadmill ReviewBowflex Treadclimber TC3000Treadclimber​4.5/5Check Price
Bowflex TC5000 Treadclimber ReviewBowflex TC5000 Treadclimber​Treadclimber​4.1/5Check Price
Bowflex Treadclimber TC1000 ReviewBowflex Treadclimber TC1000Treadclimber​3.9/5Check Price

Brand Review

Bowflex Treadclimbers

The Bowflex Tread climber is a hybrid treadmill / stair climber. It has two dual treadles (as opposed to one used in treadmills) that lift to meet each step as you walk.

The advantage is that you are walking on an incline and burning more calories than you would on a treadmill.

Bowflex has recently come out with 3 new models replacing their old units – a discount “no frills” version for under $1000, a premium Treadclimber and a super-deluxe model with all the bells and whistles.


The real beauty of the Treadclimber is that it gets you excited about working out and seeing fast results.  Let’s face it – it’s a cool machine.   It helps you drop weight faster than most other machines which will continue to motivate you to use it.

It’s easier on the joints than running on a standard treadmill. And because incline walking also helps build muscle, you’re actually increasing lean muscle mass.  This gives you a faster metabolism and you continue to burn calories post workout – even while you sleep.

Bowflex Treadmill

Bow flex treadmills are owned and manufactured Nautilus Fitness who have been in the fitness equipment business since 1986.

Nautilus also owns the Schwinn, Stairmaster, Trimline and of course Nautilus brands.  They’re the second largest producer of exercise equipment in North America (after ICON).

Bowflex is perhaps better known for their range of home gyms and of course, the famous Treadclimber. However Bowflex also makes several treadmills.


Bowflex home treadmills offer some sleek looks, large walking areas and decent warranties on their treadmills. Plus they have great user and expert reviews. 

However, it’s fair to note that this brand seems to be dying out and you can just get more for your money with other brands like Sole.

Brand Pros And Cons

Bowflex TreadClimber

1) Fast Results

A Treadclimber is a form of incline trainer – and incline walking can burn exponentially more calories than flat-plane walking.

In fact you can burn twice the calories in a single workout as compared to walking on a 0% incline treadmill. This means you get faster results in less time.

So if you need to tone up and slim down fast, a Treadclimber is one of the best ways to do it.

2) Low Impact

Because the treadles rise to meet each step, walking on a Treadclimber causes less impact on the joints and ligaments than several other exercise machines – including running on a treadmill.

Bowflex TC3000 Treadmill Review

This gives you less chance of injury and makes the Treadclimber a great alternative for people who are concerned about staying in shape without the stress on their joints.

3) Bowflex Weight Loss Plan

Since these machine were primarily designed to be the fastest weight loss machines on the market, it makes sense that each one comes with a weight loss plan to help you burn maximum calories and lose weight.

You get a Daily Journal to track your food and water intake, completed exercise and record achievements.  You also get a booke with Over 70 Recipes and Calorie counters for specific foods.

4) Great for Toning

Even if you don’t want to “lose weight” a Treadclimber can help you redistribute your weight to tone up and get an overall sexier shape. You’re basically doing 3 movements in one – walking on a treadmill, climbing a stair stepper and following the motion of an elliptical, which helps to tone your body and put curves where they should be


  • Fast Results
  • Low Impact
  • Bowflex Weight Loss Plan
  • Great for Toning


  • Cannot Run On It
  • Speed Limit Only Goes Up To 4.5 MPH

Bowflex Treadmills

1) Aesthetically Appealing – Bowflex units are sleek, attractive machines.  They’re certainly impressive to look at and if aesthetic appeal is important to you, you won’t be disappointed with a Bowflex.

2)  Large Walking Areas – The Bowflex Series 5 and Series 7 have extra long treadbelts of 60″  – along with strong motor powers to back them up.

This extra length is especially useful for taller people or runners who want to pick up their pace.

3) Decent Warranties – Bowflex machines offer decent warranties which cover the frame for 15 years, motor for 10 years, parts/electronics for 2 years and labor for 1 year.

4) Excellent Bowflex Treadmill Reviews – As of this writing, users  gave 4.5 out of 5 stars to the Bowflex Series 7 treadmill.

Popular features with buyers included the solid, stable feel of the units.  They liked the long running surfaces on the Series 5 and Series 7. Several reviews also commented that the setup and assembly was easier than expected.


  • Aesthetically Appealing
  • Large Walking Areas
  • Decent Warranties
  • Excellent Bowflex Treadmill Reviews


  • Brand Seems To Have Stagnated And It's Hard To Find These Models
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