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Best Apps for Elliptical Workouts [Top Picks + Full Buying Guide]

Doing the same old daily stair-climb, walk, or incline trek on your elliptical trainer may have you losing your exercise motivation fairly quickly.

It’s time to break free from your boring workout routine without needing an expensive personal trainer. One elliptical training app is all you need.

Here are different apps and other platforms I consider to drive up your physical fitness while enjoying each elliptical workout.

The Best Apps for Elliptical Trainer Workouts

Thanks to new technology, you can challenge your body through your elliptical workouts without needing a gym membership or personal trainer.

These apps are my top picks and what I use regularly:

1) DKN Motion App


  • Provides pre-programmed training plans
  • Different people can have separate profiles
  • You have the ability to set your workout program


  • Collects personal info

The DKN Motion app works with any elliptical cross-trainer. It is a great fitness app thanks to its great usability.

I like using the mobile app via a tablet. You only have to place the tablet on the device holder of your elliptical machine and link it to any working WiFi and Bluetooth connection.

You can create your own workout program or choose pre-programmed training.

This includes manual operation, endurance, warm-up, training on a map, a calorie-burning program, watt-based training, or even heart-rate programs.

It also offers a personal coaching program in which a digital personal trainer guides you through your workout.

Aside from having many workout programs, you can also set user profiles in the app. This will allow you to track your progress and goals separately from the other users in your household.

2) iConsole+ Training App


  • Offers low-intensity programs
  • Close to accurate statistics
  • You have the option to delete your stored data


  • Collects personal info

The iConsole app is one of the most user-friendly elliptical workout apps I’ve enjoyed. As the iConsole app is designed by Flow Fitness, it works with the Flow Fitness iConsole models.

Flow Fitness designed this application software to connect to your fitness equipment via Bluetooth. You get access to 24 unique training programs and training route options on the world map as soon as you do.

This app allows you to adjust your resistance level while in session. You can easily pause your workout whenever you feel the need to; one of my favorite features!

It features a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) heart rate monitor. Because of this, you can opt to have heart rate-controlled training sessions.

Aside from heart rate, the app allows you to track and save time, distance, burned calories, and speed. It allows you to share your personal bests with friends on socials apps like Facebook and Twitter.

3) Fitscope App


  • Offers studio classes with trainers
  • Works with all equipment brands
  • Features fun music


  • Data may take too long to load at times

If joining a spin class often keeps you motivated, then I have the elliptical workout app that’s right for you. This app offers motivational studio classes for all types of exercise equipment, like folding ellipticals.

This fitness app features great universality as it includes pre-set workouts that are not limited to the elliptical machine.

It is modern and fairly new to the market. However, its ease of use gets the upper-hand thanks to its late entry into the market.

4) Kinomap App


  • Provides a video-sharing platform
  • A great interactive fitness app
  • Features data privacy and security


  • Collects personal info

You might’ve spent hours looking for an interactive fitness app on the Google Play store. I sure did.

If that’s the case, there’s a big chance you’ve stumbled upon the Kinomap app. It is an interactive indoor cycling, running, and rowing app with a large video-sharing platform.

It allows you to train on different virtual routes worldwide for a more scenic workout. Each route has difficulty levels to help you choose one that suits your fitness level.

The routes are so realistic that you can see on-screen the street you’re on and how far you’ve virtually traveled. You can also switch to Multi-Player Mode to compete against friends and family.

The app works on any smartphone and tablet computer. It connects to your fitness device via Bluetooth.

5) Bowflex Max Trainer App


  • It has an iOS version
  • Can connect to other health apps on smart devices
  • Features user profiles


  • Collects personal info

The Bowflex Max Trainer app is another elliptical workout app that can connect to your fitness equipment via Bluetooth.

It allows you to create your own profile to compare your training goals against your training results. The app collects your workout statistics so you can view them later if you wish to set a new fitness goal.

The Max Trainer app displays your statistics during workouts, such as your time, calories burned, average and maximum heart rate, power, and RPM.

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, like me, the app can connect to the Health App by Apple Inc. It also supports the Google Fit app.

This added compatibility allows you to monitor your health and fitness progress more accurately.

6) iFit-Module


  • App and adapter options are available
  • Has the ability to connect to WiFi
  • Automatically adjustable resistance


  • Live Module costs more money

The interesting thing about the iFit Module is that it comes in two forms: the app and the adapter.

Like the other apps, the iFit Module app connects to your elliptical machine via Bluetooth. iPhone and iPad users can also use this app during their workouts.

On the other hand, you can connect the adapter directly to your exercise machine. As soon as you do, the software will appear on the sign-in menu of your display monitor.

Both options provide you with training options to choose from. You can also make your training programs, track workout results, and share your statistics with friends on social networking sites.

7) FitOn App


  • Accessibility on all devices
  • Includes celebrity trainers
  • Can sync with your calendar to follow a training schedule


  • Diet plans cost extra

For more personalized training programs, you can check out the FitOn app. You can still use this app whether you’re an Android or an iOS user.

The great thing about this app is that it isn’t only an elliptical training app. It may even give you recommendations on which machine to use or where to find it.

If you want to integrate fitness into your routine, this app might be the one for you. It features a wide range of training programs, from cardio to guided meditations.

I loved how I could use this app on active and rest days.

What Are the Advantages of Using Apps for Elliptical Machines?

Advantages of Using Apps

Thanks to elliptical training apps, my exercising options have gone beyond what I’m used to. Here are the benefits of having an app to guide you through your elliptical workouts.

1) Track Statistics

You can still track your statistics using free apps when exercising if you have a basic elliptical trainer.

Elliptical apps allow you to monitor vital data, such as how many calories you’re burning, how much time you’ve spent, and how fast you’re going, among other things.

2) Progression Record

Apps continue to be useful even when you’re not exercising. They allow you to look back at your records and see the improvements you’ve made throughout your fitness journey.

This gives most individuals the motivation that they need to keep going.

3) Diversification of Workouts

Having an elliptical trainer often means working out within the four walls of your home. However, this doesn’t have to mean sticking to the same workout routine each day.

Having an app to guide you through your elliptical workouts can keep your fitness program interesting every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best apps for elliptical workouts!

Can You Lose Weight Using an Elliptical?

Yes, you can. An elliptical workout is a full-body cardio workout. It tones your muscles and helps you with weight loss.

Is Using an Elliptical as Effective as Running?

Using an elliptical is as effective as running when it comes to the improvement of overall health. Both target the skeletal muscle group and provide aerobic exercise for the heart.


Technology and fitness apps help spice up your elliptical workouts. They allow you to do more with just one exercise machine.

They track and record important data to monitor your progression and keep your workouts challenging while staying within your fitness level.