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Zarlish Kazmi has joined the ranks of our writing panel. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree from her local university, she aims to complete her Computer Science program. But Zarlish is a person of many interests, one she passionately feels for is writing. She believes she does her passion justice when she puts words to her thoughts, knowledge, and opinions on fitness, therefore, she joined the Running Wilder family. 

Like all average teenagers Zarlish prefers to spend her time binging her favourite crime shows, catching up on her extensive reading list, and stealing all the snacks from her kitchen pantry. But she also tries to keep a steady and healthy balance between the decadent consumption of saccharine sweets by compensating it with equal portions of vegetables. Albeit a sedentary life may seem inviting and convenient, she realises the necessity of regular exercise. Therefore, Zarlish takes out an hour of her day to work on herself. She listens to her favourite songs from her carefully curated playlist, while walking her worries away. She claims this time is for her daily contemplation and introspection, almost cathartic. Tracking her steps, heart beat, and calorie intake, she ensures she does not put her body through unnecessary duress. 

Zarlish is a keen advocate for a healthy life, she emphasizes on the importance of maintaining the delicacy of underestimating your stamina and overestimating your strength. Through her blogs and thoroughly researched articles she wants to spread a well articulated stance on fitness equipment and sport related injuries. 

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