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Zara Khanzada is currently navigating the corporate sector. Her knack for economics and it’s applications are useful although quite boring. As soon as she gets home, she rushes to achieve her hourly run. Her goal is a balanced life; motto being ‘everything in moderation’. This applies mostly to her eating habits and Netflix hours. Most importantly, she wants her audience to educate themselves on healthy foods, developing self control. Zara pursued a National level swimming career until her academics took the lead position. Now she hopes to complete her bachelors in economics. Her favorite past time is looking for Kayla Itsines & Chloe Ting workouts for a pre-run warmup. She struggled to transition from swimming to another sport bur luckily running found it’s way to her.

Zara’s biggest challenge in her fitness journey was a lack of self control with comfort foods. Plagued with thoughts of eating, it was hard to implement portions; let alone control her sweet tooth. That’s when her fitness regiment played a big part. And her friends who are enthusiastic gym rats. Working out became more difficult without the right foods being consumed- proteins and carbs. If she wanted to run faster, her diet had to match her goal.

Zara’s journey has taught her when to be strict and when to treat herself. The occasional galaxy bar post run is always welcomed. She hopes to educate her young or mature audience with finding balance to lead a fulfilling life, Whether it be through sports or academics (preferably both!).Remember balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.

More power to you!

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