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Afifa Khalid is currently a bachelor’s student at IBA, Karachi. She has been expressing her passion for fitness by writing here at Running Wilder. From a young age, She has been taking part in all kinds of physical activities, whether it’s sports, exercising, going for a hike, or even cycling around the neighborhood. What keeps her going is knowing the health benefits that come with being active. 

Another thing that keeps her going is her newfound passion for badminton. This made her realize that staying active gets a lot easier when you find something you are passionate about. Every person’s favourite activity differs, but every person has at least one thing that clicks with them. For you it can be swimming, walking, cycling, hiking, a specific sport, hitting the gym or – drum roll please – running on a treadmill! Once you find your true calling, there is no going back. You enjoy the fitness journey and definitely love the end results!

Having been diagnosed with IBS, She knows how physical fitness benefits her symptoms and keeps her healthy. She is aware how running and staying active can do wonders. Through her writing, She aspires to motivate people to stay fit and live a happy, healthy life.

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