I know I have been a bit MIA but I promise you that I am keeping up with my workouts.  I’ll have a HUGE update soon.  I’ve been busy LIVING and getting ready for a local crossfit competition happening this weekend:

I’ll be participating with two other badass girls in the intermediate team division and we are so excited.  I’ll have a full recap after.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Hi!

    I saw your comment on Petite Athleat’s blog about struggling with DUs . I was wondering if you her post helped you at all – the whole “lines” verses “circles” concept. I’m really struggling with them myself and just ordered a rope to practice with when I’m not in the gym. I’m just starting to read through your blog but if you have DU now and have any pearls of wisdom to help me get them too I’d be very appreciative.

    • I have them but not as consistent as I would like. My max in a row is 46 but I trip up a lot and just wish I was more consistent. I have read the lines vs. circles before and it does help for sure!

  2. Good luck! And have fun!!

  3. haleyduke17 says:

    Good Luck! You’ve been doing some great things lately. I’m excited to hear back from how you did!

  4. Brin says:

    Good Luck!

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