WHAT IF my grandmother had balls

Then she would be my grandfather, wouldn’t she?


I know that is a totally ridiculous statement: WHAT IF my grandmother had balls, then she would be my grandfather.  I laugh every time I hear it.  And I have to give credit to Chayet for it because he says it to me every time I play the “what if” game over something.  Basically reminding me that we can’t play “what if” all the time in life because it would be ridiculous. What if I had made this choice, or done that, or went there instead of here….what if my grandmother had balls.  I know you can’t go through life NEVER asking what if, but you also can’t live your life CONSTANTLY asking what if.

Why am I talking about this? Maybe I am crazy and it doesn’t relate, but it’s because of all of the ridiculous “studies” in the news and online lately.  I swear, there is a new “study” almost DAILY that claims possible causes to horrific things and suggestions of things that could lead to this and may do this.   Do you see where I am going with this?  Makes you laugh and totally get what if my grandmother had balls.  One dietitian is telling you its ok to GMO’s and there is nothing wrong with “fat free” snacks while the other is telling you that you will get diabetes and cancer if you drink a diet coke and a candy bar.

I read a few articles recently that made me want to sit down and write this post. A few that sparked me into action were: COULD bra’s be increasing our risk of breast cancer.  Does eating organic REALLY give you more nutrients? COULD eating red meat increase your chances of getting breast cancer?  IS eating fat what is making people fat?  It wasn’t the articles themselves that upset me.  If they were full of FACTS and documented findings, it would be one thing.  But every one that I read was full of hypothetical “what if’s” and theories and possibilities and vague findings and all seemed to be pushing their own agenda in some way.

Everyone has an agenda.  Everyone wants to make you believe their research. But who has your best interest at heart? It certainly isn’t the food industry. They are just trying to line their pockets.  Do you really think that huge corporations lining grocery stores with sugary breakfast cereals care about your long term health? Of course they don’t! They only care if you buy their product and they will do whatever they can and say whatever they can to ensure you do.

Did you read this in the news recently?

McDonald’s was the featured sponsor of the annual meeting of the California Dietetic Association in 2014.

I’m sorry….what? FEATURED SPONSOR….at a Dietetic Association conference?  These professionals are attending this conference and earning continuing education credits all the while being “courted” by sponsors like McDonald’s, Corn Refiners Association, and Coca Cola.  Read this from Kiera Butler who attended the annual conference of the California Dietetic Association.  And while you are at it, read this by Michele Simon – Are America’s Nutrition Professionals in the Pocket of Big Food.  Makes you think!! Did you see this video going around about how we the consumers are marketed?  Although the speaker is in fact an actress and NOT a marketing professional, apparently the facts are true and the audience is supposedly real. It’s kind of disgusting!  Again, I get that ALL SIDES are doing this and THAT is disgusting too.

Take this study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition titled Nutrition-related health effects of organic foods: a systematic review.  Here was their objective:

We sought to assess the strength of evidence that nutrition-related health benefits could be attributed to the consumption of foods produced under organic farming methods.

Ok – seems logical.  And here was their conclusion:

From a systematic review of the currently available published literature, evidence is lacking for nutrition-related health effects that result from the consumption of organically produced foodstuffs.

Really? Evidence is lacking about the health benefits of eating organically grown foods? Seriously?  Is this a joke?

What kind of “research” would I need to do to make the following claim:

Eating fast foods and a diet rich in processed foods could possibly lead to obesity, poor health, diabetes and cancer.

That sounds like a pretty bold claim, right?  And if I made that claim publicly as FACT, I would need to back that up with research.  But you see, I don’t have to – NOT if I follow the tactics of big corporations and “researchers”.  I can follow the same rules as all these other news stories, studies and articles do – I can lie.  Ok, maybe they don’t really lie, and instead just mislead. That is totally different!  No seriously, I can just use leading words and suggestions without making the statement as fact or truth and then it’s ok, right?

Do you ever sit back and really think about what everyone is really fighting about?  Why are we arguing so much with each other about health and nutrition?  Why aren’t we working together to promote eating REAL FOOD? I find it interesting that all the articles and studies and research are all fighting over food and nutrition.  One side wants you to buy into their logic and research because then you will buy their product and line their pockets.  They don’t care about your health – they just want you to make them rich.  The other side hates big corporations and although they want you to be healthy, they also want you to NOT help increase the wealth of these big companies.

Now, don’t get me wrong, ALL SIDES are doing this.  It’s not just the companies that want you to buy their products with high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, or “fat free” products that contain tons of sugar, etc.  Why can’t we ALL just agree that everyone CAN benefit from eating REAL FOODS instead of processed foods, and that eating LESS SUGAR is better for everyone?  Why are we arguing that its ok to eat the amount of sugar we do all the while complaining about the obesity rate in our country?

I didn’t say you CAN’T eat sugar or processed foods.  What I said was why can’t we agree everyone can benefit from eating real food and less sugar.  I have no agenda here.  I’m not trying to sell you on the idea that all food companies are bad and you can only buy organic and you can ever eat a candy bar or you will get diabetes and die from cancer.  Although that is probably a slogan or tag line of some article out there somewhere…

My point (I think I have one…) is that we get fed a lot of BS and fear tactics are used all the time and our emotions are preyed upon to sway us into a certain way of thinking.  Everything is about money.  Shame on the media for playing the game.  Shame on the big corporations that only care about making money and AT THE EXPENSE of others.  Companies that knowingly sell a product that is unhealthy or knowingly mislead in labeling.  BUY Organic – and it’s not and they know it – shame on you!

Here is a WHAT IF for you – WHAT IF we took personal responsibility for our health, fitness and well being?  WHAT IF we quit asking “what if” and just DID?

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5 Responses to WHAT IF my grandmother had balls

  1. haleyduke17 says:

    Jenny’s got enough evidence and proof right there for me to make up my mind. But I do completely agree with you Lydia. It’s confusing and overwhelming at times, especially with all the different blogs we read and the other influences in our health and fitness lives.

  2. Yep – you said it all here

  3. Jenny says:

    Our “what if” is “what if I had leprosy?” I have no idea what prompted it, but James said it to me when we were dating.

    without a doubt crap food makes you sick, and fat. That’s all I ate for 37 years and I was nearly 400 pounds.

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