Workout Recap & a shoe review

Workout Recap & a shoe review

Here is a quick recap of my workouts since my last update.

Monday, May 19, 2014: Crossfit.  21-15-96-3 of HSPU, front squat, burpee-over-bar.  Time: 14:37.  Although I can kick up to the wall and use ab mats to get some dip for the HSPU, I don’t get full range of motion so I did the workout using the box for those.

  BOX hspu2 box hspu4 front squat10 front squat full at depth burpee montoge

Tuesday, May 20, 2014: Walked 1.22 miles at lunch – total time 23:25.

5.20 walk

Wednesday, May 21, 2014: Walked 1.68 miles at lunch – total time 30:52. Crossfit – JTall Birthday WOD.  I modified the WOD slightly by doing a heavier med ball (20#) and less reps of those.  Instead of 21 each round, I did 15.

JTall bday WOD JTall WOD

Thursday, May 22, 2014: Walked 1.71 miles at lunch – total time 30:51. Skipped Crossfit for a much needed date night with my girlfriend – five months is WAY TOO LONG to go without seeing a dear friend!  Had to share the yummy meal I had! Fried egg on a burger? Yes, please!!!

 Red Robin

Friday, May 23, 2014: Crossfit.  Strength was OH Squats (5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1) and I worked up to 90#.  WOD was 10-1, 1-10 of OH squats (65#) and dips.  This workout killed me.  Getting back into Crossfit from a lapse in time really affected my strength in this area but I did notice more depth in my squat even if I did feel I had to use a lighter weight for the movement.

 OH squat2 OH squat at depth3

Saturday, May 24, 2014: Off.  Saturday was devoted doing errands, laundry, tat appt. and coffee with a friend (Buddy’s Brew House at Oxford Exchange and met her squirrel, Tessla) and catching up with my bestie from high school and her little girl, sister and niece. It was a much needed me day and a very special (and hilarious) time with my friend.  Capital Grill for Ahi Tuna and hours spent laughing and catching up!  Only Laura can be a brilliant nurse anesthetist and wear a minion shirt like a boss!

Capital Grill Laura buddy Brew house coffee Oxford Exchange squirrel

Sunday, May 25, 2014: Off.  Spent a much needed day alone with my man. He has been working so much lately, it was nice to have a day for just us.  It started with sleeping in, breakfast, Lowry Park Zoo, Taco Bus, then hours at Starbucks watching Crossfit Regionals online followed by Evos for dinner and a movie in bed.  Perfect day!  I was going to do a full review on our time at the zoo but I don’t think I will now.  I really was NOT overly impressed with Lowry Park for many reasons.  I have not been in over 15 years so I was super excited to get to see it – new and improved from my last time.  I had heard so many great things that I was super excited to experience it again.  Not only were some of the exhibit areas devoid of the animals that were supposed to be in them, there were renovations (somewhat understandable) going on and some of the areas were sadly too small for the animals.  Weather and hunger cut our visit short but I don’t think there was much else for us to see.  I doubt I will go back unless it is for a personalized encounter with some of the animals or if it was free.  I did enjoy seeing a few favorites: giraffe, elephant, orangutan, and especially the clouded leopard.  The dragonfly picture? While I was busy checking out some cute monkeys, Chayet was over by the plants capturing that beautiful creature.  I love that he loves all creatures!

baby elephants2dragonfly

lepord2 lepord standing lepord stalking lepord close up me and giraffe2 birds charilla comparison

You know they call him The Charilla for a reason!!!

Monday, May 26, 2014: Crossfit at the brand new box in Temple Terrace – Crossfit STS.  Chayet’s mom is a member at this box and I joined them in doing Memorial Day Murph in honor of Lt. Michael P. Murphy, a US Navy Seal who lost his life in battle, fighting for our freedom.  Every Memorial Day, Crossfit affiliates all over honor him, and all military fighting for us or those who died fighting by doing this WOD.  It’s a mile run, followed by 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats and another mile run – for time.  This year I planned on doing it rx and would have finished had my hands not torn after 70 pull ups.  I had someone do my 30 remaining pull ups while I did ring rows and finished the other movements and the run.  Total time 50:48.   STS hosted a cookout for everyone after the workout and it was a great time getting to know new friends and enjoying time with amazing people.  If you are looking for a Crossfit box in the Tampa/Temple Terrace area, be sure to check out this new location.  The owners are awesome and the members are wonderful.  Tell them Lydia sent you!

Shoe Review:

Chayet walks a LOT at work.  At a minimum, he walks 20 miles EVERY DAY, but most of the time its more like 25-28 miles.  That amount of walking has him rotating three different pair of shoes throughout the week.  Well, his beloved LEMS saw their last day this past week.


That particular pair saw 1,500+ miles – not too shabby!  He loves Lems and barefoot shoes in general and we will definitely be getting him another pair but for now, he is going to be testing out the new Reebok Crossfit Lite Lo TR.  I know it is being sold as the new “strength” shoe but what caught his eye was the 4 mm heel to toe drop.  Like I said, he likes a minimalist shoe and his feet are happiest in that type of shoe. So far, he has put quite a few miles on these and he likes them. Only real complaint is not a ton of color options and they are kind of hot for wearing all day at work in the blazing sun.  That is only because of the material and they aren’t really made for that use.  Other than that, he is really liking the comfort and stability of the shoe and especially the wide toe box.  He has enjoyed wearing them at Crossfit as well – great stability for heavy lifts but allows for functional movement and is flexible even for short runs.  He likes the zero drop, style, minimalist based comfort and the price.  I think I need a pair now!

Reebok Crossfit Lite Lo TR

Ok, I’ll end this (very long) post with something hilarious!  I have seen the Reebok compression crop shirt in Dick’s before and after seeing Lauren Brooks (a fellow large breasted athlete) rock the top at the 2014 South East Regionals, I had to try it on.  I have always assumed that my girls would NOT fit in it and let’s be honest, my abs are not quite where Lauren’s are to truly represent in a top like this!  I wish I could find a picture of her in it! Anyway – I tried it on – so not there yet – but it was surprisingly comfortable.  Well, Chayet has the men’s Reebok Compression shirt (similar).  Compression is a B to get on sometimes and he got a little stuck the other night putting it on.  I found the similarity to the women’s shirt hilarious and he was a sport and let me take a picture.  I know he was flicking me the bird in his head when I took the picture but thankful his handsome smiling face made for a great photo!  And that is all folks! Enjoy!

me in crop top2 Chayet makes crop shirt

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  1. Jenny says:

    Hehehe. Love him in the shirt. Awesome.

    Love seeing you back at your crossfit workouts!! You are such an inspiration, so keep inspiring!

  2. Kat says:

    You’re killing it girl! I have that Minion shirt ;)

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