Change – does it scare you or does it empower you?

I find it amusing that when others decide to make a change in their own lives, they want encouragement and support but when you decide to make a change in your own life, everyone has an opinion as to why you are an idiot and need them to tell you how wrong you are.

My life.  My choices.  My mistakes.  My successes.  It is no one else’s job to control any of that.  I am ultimately in charge of my own life and at almost 35 years old, I am finally owning up to that.  I have no one to blame for any unhappiness, any mistakes and shortcomings just as I have no one that can take away from my successes and accomplishments.  At the end of the day, I die alone and what I did with my life is all on me.


 I think change scares most people.   So when you decide to make a huge change in your own life, your friends and family look at you and the thought of what you are doing or facing scares the living daylights out of them.  They can’t imagine facing or doing what you are doing so it must be wrong and a mistake.  They do their best to listen and be supportive, all the while trying their best to persuade you that you are delusional and you must listen to their advice to NOT make changes.

Comfortable in my perfect imperfection – I LOVE that!

I told a friend recently about the changes my life is facing and this is what I wanted to stress, not just to that person, but to everyone.  You don’t have to like my choices.  You don’t have to understand my choices.  You most certainly cannot put yourself in my shoes and get where I am coming from.  BUT, what I do ask, plead and beg is that people respect that it is MY CHOICE and MY LIFE.  I can’t live your life for you and I sure as heck don’t want to either.  I would never try to make decisions for you about your life and future and likewise, it would be silly to allow anyone to make the decisions for me about my life, my happiness, my future.

All I ask of my friends and family is that you love me, respect me and support me and encourage me.  Pray for me – encourage me – inspire me.  Please do not discourage, tear down, belittle or try to persuade in a direction YOU believe you know about MY life.  And please, always remember: I’m stronger than you think I am.

 I refuse to wake up one day and regret my path because I was too afraid to change it.


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