Dirty Girl never disappoints

Dirty Girl never disappoints with the mud run they put on.  Granted, there are things I would like to see more of and certainly things I would do different, but overall, they put on a top notch event!

This past Saturday I got up early and headed to the Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City.  I had an 8 am start wave so I wanted to be there early, with enough time to wander and take pictures before the start.  If you have never been to an event at the Little Everglades Ranch, you need to go.  It is really is a gorgeous piece of property!

Little Everglades Ranch Little Everglades Ranch

There were tents set up for everything – vendors, bag check, Dirty Girl merchandise, shoe donation and women only changing area.  Plus, several picture backdrops and food vendors.  I quickly got a “before” picture and then checked my bag and ran to find the other bloggers I was meeting up with.

Look Pretty - dirty girl mud run "before" pictures

Steph (Orangespoken), Lisa (Kinda Zennish) and I were the only Tampa Bay Bloggers doing the Dirty Girl (that I know of).  We started with the 8 AM wave.  I was a tad disappointed that it took a long time for us to actually get dirty.  One thing I noticed about this years course was that there were LONG spaces of nothing – no mud and no obstacles.  I even think there were fewer obstacles all together than there was last year.  That being said, it’s still a very fun course and very beginner friendly.  Basically ALL fitness levels would be able to complete this course and enjoy themselves doing it.

IMAG0083 IMAG0086There was even carpet under one of the obstacles we had to crawl under.  Ummmm, it was a mud run!!!

How low can you go

I’ll just give you a photo dump now of as many of the obstacles as I got pictures of.  I carry a very cheap camera with me in a baggie on these mud runs so the quality of my pictures are terrible, the date showing is way off but I don’t care if something happens to the camera and so far its been the best $9.97 I ever spent!

Down and dirty me in down and dirty




The slip and slide was my favorite.  I really wanted to run up the hill and do it again.  Superman style was the best too!

Superman on the slip n slide

This next obstacle can look a little intimidating, but as long as you take your time, it’s really no big deal.  And don’t forget to ring the bell at the top!

IMAG0125 IMAG0131 IMAG0134

Once we finished, we took a few silly “dirty girl” pictures and then if was off to the showers to clean up!

play dirty post race IMAG0149 IMAG0146

One of the best things about Dirty Girl is the way they treat the participants.  I love that there is a nice area, on carpet grass with plenty of hoses to shower off and then a private tent with carpet grass as well to change.  A tip for you: bring a bar of soap with you! So much easier to clean up later if you haven’t let that mud sit on you for too long!

rinse and change Rinse and change area

This mud run is a favorite and just like last year, I was so impressed with how many groups of ladies got together to come up with cute costumes or matching shirts and do it in groups or as a team.  You would be blown away by the participation and it’s a testament to Dirty Girl that they have such a pull with women of all fitness levels that come out to have fun at this event.  If you get the chance, you need to do this fun run.  Check out their website to see when they might be in your area!  I’m so lucky to have been a part of this event.  I love getting to be on the property at Little Everglades Ranch too.  Check out these views!

IMAG0109 IMAG0110 IMAG0108

Special thanks to Dirty Girl for allowing me to take part again this year.  Although they did comp my entry to the race, my views and opinions are my own and I will always be honest with you on what I do and do not like about an event.  This one is well run and fun and if you get a chance, put it on your MUST list for next year!  See ya next time.

See ya next year IMAG0153

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  1. Hey girl, wow you are awesome and such an inspiration. I just found your blog and you def. a new fan in me :) Killer job on the event! Have a great week!

  2. SG says:

    Great recap! I had a blast! :)

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